93-96 Points│2010 Chablis “Valmur”

A ripe and gorgeously complex, clean and dense nose of classic cool green fruit, white flower, lemon and plenty of Chablis character merges seamlessly with intense, mineral-inflected and highly energetic flavors that exude a fine dry
extract that buffers the firm acid spine on the immensely long and equally complex finish. Like the Blanchots, this is a textbook, not to mention breathtakingly good, example of a fine Valmur. Buy it.

93-95 Points│ 2010 Chablis“ Les Preuses”

A softly wafting nose of green fruit, peach, pear, stone and plenty of sea shore influences is followed by rich, intense,
pure and lacy medium-bodied flavors that are a study in harmony and grace before culminating in a quiet but intense finish that seems to go on and on. Like all of the best examples of Preuses, this very stylish effort is an understated and Zen-like wine of impeccable grace. This is absolutely worth considering.

92-95 Points│2010 Chablis “Les Clos”

A highly floral nose also features notes of mineral reduction, white peach and tidal pool where the latter element also characterizes the rich, intense and overtly powerful and muscular flavors that coat the palate with dry extract on the
opulent yet precise and explosive long finish that is bone dry. This is certainly an imposing version of Les Clos with excellent underlying material though at present, it can’t quite match the overall complexity of the Valmur.

92-95 Points│2010 Chablis “Bouquerottes”

(this is the old spelling used by the monks for the Côte de Bouguerots). This was also aromatically difficult though it was due to the presence of intense reduction as the malos were late with this wine. There was by contrast excellent freshness and transparency to the intensely mineral-driven big-bodied yet refined flavors that possess excellent richness and flat out huge length on the palate staining finish. This appears to have superb underlying material and should make for a stunner of a wine in time.

92-94 Points│2010 Chablis “Blanchots”

An elegant, pure, airy and wonderfully complex nose of cool white flowers, pear and shellfish gives way to rich, full powerful yet refined medium-bodied flavors that possess excellent intensity and outstanding length. I very much like the balance and this is textbook Blanchots with its lacy mouth feel and pungent minerality.

Not Rated│2010 Chablis “Bougros”

This was still fermenting its sugar and the nose was understandably troubled. And while the palate impression was classic Bougros with its power and robust muscularity, this was impossible to fairly judge. One aspect though that was somewhat surprising was that the finish was bone dry even though there was residual sugar. Not Rated.

91-94 Points│2010 Chablis “Montée de Tonnerre”

(from Montée de Tonnerre proper). An elegant, airy and admirably pure nose offers up aromas of fresh white flowers, sea breeze, mineral reduction and that exclusively Chablis-like hint of iodine. There is impressive and focused power to the concentrated, intense and driving big-bodied flavors that explode on the stunningly long and citrus-infused finish. It was necessary to pause after this wine as it seems to assault the palate.

91-93 Points│2010 Chablis “Butteaux”

An appealingly layered nose of white flowers, lime, oyster shell and mineral reduction complements well the textured, intense and mouth coating flavors that possess overt power and muscle on the impressively concentrated finish. This is almost painfully intense and delivers positively huge length. One to look for.

90-93 Points│2010 Chablis “Forêts”

An expressive and elegant nose speaks of lemon zest, spice hints and dried floral notes that precede the gorgeously intense and beautifully well-delineated flavors that culminate in an explosive and borderline painfully intense finish
of superb length. This is impeccably well-balanced and is also well worth a look.

90-92 Points│2010 Chablis “Vaillons de Minots”

(Minots is another spelling for the climat Mélinots which was originally known as Les Minos ; it is generally considered to be the warmest of all of the climats within Vaillons yet curiously the wines always seem to retain good
acidity). A notably ripe but not exotic nose of yellow orchard fruit, white peach and seaweed introduces the very rich, even plush and concentrated middle weight flavors brimming with dry extract, all wrapped in an intense,
seductive and solidly long lemon-infused finish.

89-92 Points│2010 Chablis “Fourchaume”

(90% from Fourchaume proper). There are traces of exotic fruit to the white flower and stone aromas that merge into rich, opulent and dense middle weight flavors that possess an abundance of dry extract on the salty, long and mildly austere finish. I like the balance as well as the precision here.

88-90 Points│2010 Chablis “Terroir de Courgis”

A somewhat cooler nose of white and yellow orchard fruit, floral and iodine inflected aromas marries into intense, precise and well-concentrated flavors that possess a firm, focused and lingering finish. If this can add depth with a year or two in bottle, it should merit the upper end of my predicted range.

89-91 Points│2010 Chablis “Terroir de Fyé”

A ripe yet attractively complex nose of green fruit, tangerine and sea shore nuances gives way to dense, serious and extract-rich medium weight flavors that possess solid power and focus on the lemon-inflected and impressively long
finish. Excellent quality at this level.

89 Points│2010 Chablis “Terroir de Chablis”
A more elegant nose offers up notes of green, iodine and shellfish that slide gracefully into rich, intense and stony medium-bodied flavors that possess plenty of acid-buffering dry extract on the sappy, long and utterly delicious finish. This too boxes above its weight and is worth considering.

87-89 Points│2010 Chablis “Terroir de Chichée”

A barely discernable hint of exotic fruit adds depth to the otherwise classic aromas of green fruit and oyster shell that merge into rich, intense and solidly precise medium-bodied flavors that possess an attractive sense of underlying tension on the citrus-driven finish.

87 Points│2010 Petit Chablis

A fresh, bright and pretty nose of green fruit, lemon rind and a hint of algae leads to racy and welldetailed flavors that possess plenty of personality on the punch and mineral-inflected finish. This is quite good if not truly special for its level.

95 Points│2009 Chablis “Les Preuses”

Along with the Valmur, this is the most elegant wine among these ‘09s with seriously lovely purity of expression on the subtle and refined orchard fruit, tidal pool and stone suffused nose. The rich, round and harmonious medium-
bodied flavors are understated, lemony and gorgeously long. A stunner of a wine and the best among these ’09 grands crus.

94 Points│2009 Chablis “Bouquerottes”

(this is the old spelling for the Côte de Bouguerots). Cool floral, green fruit and citrus aromas complement perfectly the rich, intense and powerful flavors that culminate in an energetic mineral-driven and hugely persistent finish that
evidences a distinct saline component. I love the inimitable combination of intense minerality, power and refinement plus this is unusually precise for the vintage

94 Points│2009 Chablis “Valmur”

An enveloping and strikingly elegant nose displays aromas of green fruit, lemon, sea breeze and iodine where the latter is also picked up by the rich, intense and moderately austere flavors that possess excellent detail and drive on the admirably dry and spectacularly long finish. This is really quite fine in the context of the vintage and the impeccable balance should permit this to age well if desired yet there is so much dry extract that it could already be enjoyed now.

93 Points│2009 Chablis “Blanchots”
An admirably elegant, pure and airy nose sports notes of stone, tidal pool and white flowers that precede the nicely rich and seductively textured middle weight flavors that evidence a trace of minerality on the solidly persistent finish. This is a tautly muscular and generous wine of balance and despite the size, refinement as well.

92 Points│2009 Chablis “Bougros”
This is also quite densely fruited, offering typical Chablis notes of green fruit, algae and saltwater that lead to exceptionally rich and overtly robust well-muscled flavors that possess fine size and weight if not elegance, all wrapped in a sappy and palate drenching finish. A classic Bougros.

92 Points│2009 Chablis “Vaudésir”
After a problematic showing from cask due to residual fermentation aromas, in contrast to the Butteaux, this has cleaned up nicely with its notably ripe yet strikingly elegant nose that offers up notes of white and yellow orchard
fruit, stone and tidal pool. There is impressive intensity to the mouth coating, powerful and highly energetic flavors that possess very solid length if, akin to the Grenouilles, more limited overall depth than the best here.

91 Points│2009 Chablis “Grenouilles”

A pretty and expressive nose of dense green fruit that exhibits a mild exoticism along with ocean breeze and wet stone nuances adds depth to the rich, generous and solidly well-concentrated flavors that are delicious, mineral-
driven and focused, all wrapped in a tangy and persistent finish. While this is certainly a fine effort, it doesn’t have the overall complexity, or at least not yet, that the best of these grands crus presently exhibit.

92 Points│2009 Chablis “Montée de Tonnerre”
An elegant and pure nose of white flowers, green fruit, lemon and oyster shell hints leads to rich, supple and well-concentrated medium-bodied flavors that are relatively fine yet powerful with an abundance of almost pungent
minerality on the palate staining, balanced and impressively persistent finish. Lovely juice that possess so much mid-palate fat that it’s already approachable though it will be capable of aging to good effect if desired.

90 Points│2009 Chablis “Vaucoupin”
An expressive and relatively elegant nose of wet stone, oyster shell, lemon and green fruit complements the equally mineral-suffused, detailed and beautifully precise flavors that possess plenty of energy and punch on the notably dry,
mildly austere and lingering finish. I like this for its considerable Chablis character.

88 ? Points│2009 Chablis “Butteaux”
Last year at this time I noted that the nose was odd though I assumed that it would clean up once in bottle but alas, that is not the case as it seems unduly evolved. To be sure, the nose is clean but seems to lack the freshness of the
other ‘09s in the range. I like the richness here as there is both good volume and mid-palate density but whether this wine will come together is an open question.